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Catherine Grant is an author, reviewer, and former Contributing Editor for Lamplight and Shock Totem. She is an organizer with NecronomiCon Providence, a biennial festival of weird fiction. Catherine resides in Rhode Island with her wife and daughter.


This past Spring 2023, my short story "The Tall People" was published in the New England Horror Writers anthology WICKED SICK. I'm really proud of "The Tall People." It was the first story I wrote and had published after having my daughter, and it felt so good to get my mojo back. See me read an excerpt at the Jacob Edwards Library via YouTube here


I'm currently working on a supernatural novel that I'm hoping to have finished by 2024. In addition to that, I'll be trying to put together a collection of short stories that I'll be shopping around. 

This July, I will also be at Camp Necon in Lowell, MA. I'll be participating in a panel on self-care for writers, which has been a topic close to my heart since having to balance motherhood, the dayjob, and writing. 

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