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WICKED SICK: An Anthology by the New England Horror Writers

Featuring my short story "The Tall People."  Beneath the plague mask is the face in the mirror.

In this terrifying and provocative collection, sixteen writers rage against the devastating psychological impact of illness.

A retiree's decline drives him to a shocking act and a stubborn sculptor's perception is shattered by her hometown blight. A grief-stricken parent embraces an abhorrent sacrifice; a model son is compelled to seek revenge; a busy housewife must reconcile that her tasks are suddenly insurmountable. Mysterious creatures atrophy a man's dreams as well as his muscles; an abandoned vampire must rebuke her cravings; a pyromaniac's world burns when his demons come crawling.

These stories and poems–fraught with regret anxiety, and grief–prove that sick damages so much more than just our fragile shells.

Creep Throat.jpg

Creepthroat: Sex Fables for the Horny, Gloomy, and Unhinged

This was a charity anthology that featured my story "Passionate Beasts."

Unfortunately, this anthology was digital only and is no longer for sale. I may create a chapbook for this at some point. For sure it is going into a collection.

Wicked Witches: An Anthology by the New England Horror Writers


"A story steeped in the witchcraft known as voodoo.  There are some gems in Catherine's prose. He smelled of rum and whiskey, like a perfume gone to rot.  And...The blade sliding through his flesh like over-ripe papaya. This piece is as good as its prose." -- Frank Michaels Errington, Reviewer

Cranial Leakage: Tales from the Grinning Skull, Volume II


"'The Night Auction' is a truly fresh, wonderful piece of work, with a unique creepiness that I haven't seen since Mary San Giovanni's THE HOLLOWER." - Hal Bodner, author of Stoker nominated "A Rift in Reflection" from Chiral Mad 3. 

Shock Totem Issue #10


Issue #10 includes my interview with Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil's Rock author Paul Tremblay, as well a story from my friend Margaret Killjoy titled "Malediction."

This is out of print and not available for sale.

Shock Totem Issue #9


Issue #9 includes my editorial piece about society's reactions to horror culture and the stigma behind being a dark fiction and horror genre content creator, be it print or film.


This issue also includes the short story "Thirteen Views of the Suicide Woods" from my very good friend Bracken MacLeod, who also has a book with Tor available for pre-order called Stranded.

This issue is no longer in print and is not available for sale.

Lamplight Magazine, Vol 2, Issue 4

This issue features my short story The Red Cooler.


Eloise and Richard are a couple, but each has their own priorities when they find the red cooler on the side of the road...


I'm honored to be included in this magazine with Holly Newstein and James A. Moore, among others.

This publication is out of print and no longer for sale. 

Shock Totem Issue 8.5


Issue 8.5 features my short story Sauce, about a man recently left by his live-in girlfriend. He begins to have visions of their past after he eats the marinara sauce she left in the freezer. In broken relationships, sometimes things left behind are better left alone...

This issue, like all Shock Totem issues, is out of print and no longer available for sale.


Shock Totem Issue 8

Issue #8 features my non-fiction piece The Highland Lord Brought Low. This is the first time I've ever publically written about my father, and I have to say this was probably one of the hardest things for me to write so far in my life.


Sometimes memories haunt us. My memory was from Easter of 1990 when I witnessed my father have a manic episode. A tale of true horror that I'm hoping will touch someone with a similar past....

Like all Shock Totem publications, this is also out of print and no longer for sale. 

O Little Town of Deathlehem


This charity anthology, which benefits the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation, features my short One of His Own.


Even Krampus has a softer side. That's all I'll say about that. One of His Own  is probably the best short story I've written so far, and I'm very proud of it. I'm also humbled to be included in a Table of Contents with such a talented group of writers.


Wicked Seasons


​This collection from New England Horror Writers features my first published short story Three Fat Guys Soap.


Ed is an entitled, angry ex-med student who feels like his life is over. When he stumbles into the Three Fat Guys, he sees their "side job" as a tool for revenge against the professor he thinks ruined his life.

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